John Shpati

I'm a Detroit-based User Experience Researcher at General Motors focusing on EV, performance, and navigation UI research.





User Experience Researcher                    

I perform qualitative and quantitative research for navigation, performance vehciles, and EVs.

User Experience Researcher​




Subsystem Validation Engineer


User Experience Research Shadow                    

I Created and executed in-person qualitative studies for potential infotainment features and UI in the UX research laboratory using interactive prototypes. Worked with the product design team to generate and define usability goals for their designs. Reported findings and design recommendations to the product design team. Performed quantitative analysis on remote usability studies. Peer-reviewed findings and reports for insight and self-improvement. 

Subsystem Validation Engineer

Performed validation on the OnStar connected ecosystem of applications for South America, Middle East, and Europe; including infotainment, telematics, and web applications. Led Six Sigma system behavior testing projects as a Black Belt using data-driven methods to reduce test cycle time and increase efficiency. Created automation tests to reduce manually testing efforts through Robot Python framework and proprietary automation software. Researched and optimized best method practices to reduce manual test efforts. Documentation is regularly shared with other teams that might benefit. Acted as validation stakeholder in business and system requirement sprints.



Systems Analyst


I led the North American effort to remove access from physical exploitable devices and transition them onto a cloud-based secure system. I started with a small HR group to test the process from end to end while documenting and revising the least painful way to make the transition smooth. It was not smooth, the cloud machines weren't powerful enough, with studying how the contractors used the system, their cloud machines were upgraded in terms of performance.

The rest of the time was spent helping the mergers and acquisitions team to absorb and convert the full IT systems of a company we had purchased named ETAS. I was responsible for listening to each group within the company and creating user requirements; from these, I was able to find overlapping software solutions that Bosch already had in place. I converted every ETAS machine into a secured Bosch machine while keeping users happy.





User Experience Design (MS)


In the User Experience Design masters program at Kent State I learned how design thinking fits into the software/product development lifecycle. KSU taught me how to be a robust team of one as well as a team player in a UX role. From the identification and understanding of business and customer needs to the creation of personas; I know how to bridge the perspectives of the customer to the business empathetically. From these studies, alterations or new solutions are designed and tested through particant usability studies. After a usability study, changes to the design follow and a subsiquent round of testing. All relevant findings are then presented to stakeholders.



At EMU, I studied Information Assurance (cybersecurity) and learned how to secure systems from end to end. To learn this we first had to build robust networks to identify potential fault points during creation. Next came the monitoring and tracking of data with the creation of reports with findings. Once you've learned about a network, you can begin to find vulnerabilities and exploit these through ethical hacking; followed by more reporting. When you have completed your assessments of a system; you can report your findings with recommendations on what to fix to better secure the system.

Information Assurance (BS)